Welcome to Library FLEX, a six week library and research discovery class. Here is a partial summary of what we do in class. (ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE WORKED ON AND COMPLETED IN CLASS.)

General Class Information - (may vary with each group)
Assignments & Resources
See Canvas for Assignments and Documents
1st Week
Getting organized, preparing folders, choosing supply bosses, reporters and collectors for each group of three.
Library map - finding out where things are in the library: the library online catalog, atlas case, book drop, fiction and nonfiction collection, Newbery winners, reference books, and computers.
1. Folders | Rules | | Library Info | Brain Tracker Puzzle
2. Map Quiz | Blank Library Map
2nd Week
Learning about how things are arranged in the libary by the Dewey Decimal System. Placement of books on shelves using call numbers, Title page information. Practice identifying and finding Newbery books on the shelves and on the Internet.
Dewey Decimal Web Sites
1. Dewey Worksheet
2. Dewey Quiz
3. Book Arrangement
4. Title Pages
5. Looking at Newbery Books
Newbery Award Winner List
6. Using to learn more
3rd Week
Information and paractice on how to use the Library's Online Catalog - Destiny.
Can you believe everything you read on the Internet - Identifying fake vs. valuable and realiable web sites. [[pioneer_web/Web evaluation and searching.ppt|Web Site Evaluation Powerpoint ]]
Using Pioneer -Utah's Online Public Library - data base resources.
Destiny Catalog Searches | Power Searches | Visual Searches
1. Destiny
2. Destiny Fun & Games
4. Web evaluation
5. Google fun
6 . Pioneer Data Bases
7 . World Book Encyclopedia Practice
8 . Homework Pioneer Letter - Home Access
4th Week
The Big6 Information Problem Solving Skills and the Research Report Using notecards, citing sources, creating an Inspiration Web, the rough draft, the final draft, pictures and bibliography.
BIG6 Flash Player
1. Big6 Worksheet
2. Big6 Web Assignment
5th Week
Working on a Big6 research report project.
BIG6 Author Report Authors Notecards 1. Book 2. Encyclopedia 3. Internet Site
Author Sources
6th Week
Getting to know good books using the American Library Association Web site and other book lists. The Library Flex class open folder quiz
Pioneer_web/ALA Great Websites.htm|ALA Great Websites]] Almanac Web Quest
Library Flex Test