Basic Keyword Searching

Subject Searching

Metaserach Engines


The world's most popular search engine.
Yahoo! Search: The 2nd largest search engine on the web. Includes topical index - reviewed links
yippy.pngYippy is a
Deep Web engine that searches other
search engines for you .

Microsoft's entry into the search engine market.
Use questions to form your search
dogpile.gifDogpile: Search results from Google,Yahoo, and more. makes searching the Web easy, because it has all the best search engines
piled into one. Go Fetch!
duck duck.pngDuckDuckGo has some slick features, like 'zero-click' information (all your answers are found on the first results page).
sweet search.jpg
Highlights each word searched
Searches 10 of the major Search Engines

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Searching Tips:

Boolean Search

Use AND between two words to include both words in the search: cherry AND pie. Use OR between two words

to look for either word: cat OR kitten.. Use NOT between two words to exclude a term: pets NOT dogs.

Use (..) parentheses, to further define a search: pie AND (apple OR cherry)

More Search Tips:

Place quotes around keywords that must appear together: "American apple pie" "stupid pet tricks"

Put a plus sign (+) in front of words your search must contain (no space between + and search term):

+Utah +Jazz Use a minus sign (-) for words to leave out: python -monty Use a wild card (*) for words

with the same root: teach* for teach, teaches, teacher, and teaching.Captitalize names and titles: Star Wars

More Tips:

*Tip: Avoid single word searches. Use several words that describe what you are looking for

*Tip: Whenever you see the words Click Here on a search page, DON'T! It is an advertisement.